"Knowledge" is one of the most important resources - both for individuals and companies - to successfully face the constant environment and environmental changes.

In a knowledge society, personal development and the examination of new topics have become an absolute "must"  in order to understand increasingly complex contexts and to build up new competencies for the development of novel solutions. Only the combination of practical experience and scientific knowledge creates an optimal combination to meet these requirements. I follow this creed in my consulting work and use the publications to expand my knowledge and pass it on to the community.


In the course of publications, a distinction must be made between popular science and scientfic contributions. The popular science publication is about the presentation of business topics relevant in practice and possible options for action, which professionals can implement directly in consulting as well as in their own companies.

In the course of scientific publications, a study is processed from empirical data and information under definition of a research hypothesis and several research questions. The goal of such research is to determine certain regularities, commonalities as well as differences of various facts, which lead to a theoretical further development or practical applicability.

My claim is to work on both the practial and scientific aspects. Findings from empirical studies can be used for practical purposes and thus make a significant contribution to the understanding of business issues. On the page "Publications" you will find a list of my contributions to international journals, edited volumes, books and other publication-related activities (e.g. lectures, funded projects etc.).  

My current research fields

  • Corporate Finance
  • Employer Branding
  • Family Businesses
  • Crisis- and Insolvency Prediction
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy & Brand

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