Conference presentations

Knowledge of Capital Market Products and Risk Aversion: An Empirical Analysis for Generation X and Z Students on Financial Literacy
14th Global Business Conference, September 2023 in Zagreb, Kroatien
Funknktion als Mitglied im Scientific Committee

What factors influence the profitability of tourism firms? An analysis for Austrian hotels and restaurants
13th Global Business Conference, Oktober 2022 in Dubrovnik, Kroatien
Function as member of the Scientific Committee  and as session chair

Measuring the degree of internationalisation based on entrepreneurial value chain activities: An analysis for micro and small enterprises in West Austria
12th Global Business Conference, October 2021 in Zagreb, Croatia
Function as member of the scientific committee

The use of controlling for corporate management in Western Austrian companies: An empirical analysis 
10th Global Business Conference, October 2019 in Sibenik, Croatia
Function as member of the Scientific Committee  and as session chair

Corporate performance, diversification and risk from a resource-based view: Can it explain differences in profitability between small and medium-sized firms?
6th Business macroResearch Conference, December 2017 in Paris, France
Function as member of the scientific committee

Inflation-adjusted accounting ratios, industry growth and their potential to assign companies into three economic states
7th Global Business Conference, October 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia
Function as session chair

The divergence between corporate success and crisis: The separability of recovered and healthy companies
5th Business and Social Science Research Conference, July 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The possibilities of external and internal succession from viewpoint of financial institutions
RENT XXIX – Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business, November 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia

Recovery from distress and insolvency: A comparative analysis using accounting ratios
6th Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets, May 2015 in Maribor, Slovenia

The relevance of trend variables for the prediction of crises and insolvencies
5th Global Business Conference, October 2014 in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Function as session chair