Welcome to my website

"My name is Mario Situm and I am pleased to welcome you to my homepage."

On this homepage you will find information about myself as well as about my activities as professor for Corporate restructuring and Director of Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, as a lecturer at other educational institutions and as an independent consultant.

My activities

In addition to lecturing in various areas of Business Administration, I am increasingly active in research focusing on the topics of Crisis- & Insolvency prediction, Family Businesses, Risk Management and the strategic use of the Corporate Brand. Here you will find my own research results on these topics, which have been published in international journals. In the context of research, I work with funding institutions as well as corporate partners. With my experience and knowledge I also support SMEs as a consultant in various business management problems.

My philosophy 

In my opinion it is only possible to become "good" in a certain subject area, if you deal with it accordingly. In this context I like to mention the "10.000-hour-rule", which says that you have to invest this amount of time to become "good" in a subject area. This is to be seen as a minimum and does not mean that after this time one has full mastery or is an expert. But it represents the period of time you need to develop a solid foundation, on which you can continue to develop. I follow this philosophy in all my activities and reflections - you often have to start at the base to be able to develop good solutions. However, you should also not presume to master everything, but you should focus on your strengths.

What can you find on this homepage?

In Person

Here you will find a description of my person, my curriculum vitae and other special features related to my activities.


Some of my publications (journal publications, conference presentations and lectures) are available as downloads for those interested. 


Due to my activities I publish popular scientific and scientific articles in international journals. The subpage summarizes my publications to date, including a description of my books. 


In my life stages there are certain highlights, which I have summarized as news with a small contribution and links.


Here you will find a description of the Crisis & - Insolvency prediction - my main field of research. In addition, both funded projects and rewards & prizes are listed, which I have worked on or received in recent years.

My sole proprietorship - Situm Consulting e.U.

When advisings small and medium enterprises, I have specialized in certain fields and these are presented on the relevant sub-page.